Nycon Merger

As of 1 July 2020, Nycon Security Group Pty Ltd has merged with Ultimate Security Australia Pty Ltd.

Smoke Alarm Systems

Should a fire occur, having your premises monitored locally by a professional team with a fleet of mobile patrols means vital minutes are saved with that prompt action. This can avert catastrophe, as with any fire, prompt notification initiating swift and positive response can dramatically improve the final outcome.

Save Property & Lives

Smoke alarms save property and lives. The quality and reliability of the device together with correct installation by a professional accredited technician can avert a minor or major disaster.

Very few businesses of any size can afford to be covering ongoing costs with a burned-out facility, no matter what the business is. Even a few weeks while you refit, can affect your outcomes dramatically. Add in the possibility of a fire or break-in occurring at a time of expansion/release of new product or after having just decorated/refurbished premises and the burden can be crushing.