Nycon Merger

As of 1 July 2020, Nycon Security Group Pty Ltd has merged with Ultimate Security Australia Pty Ltd.

Home Security Systems

In any security breach, the repercussions and accompanying effects may continue long after the point of entry has been repaired or an insurance payout has been made. That confidence, feeling of relaxation and comfort in your home is paramount and we specialise in great customer service to make securing your residence a very positive experience. Very few things are more important than the relief that occurs from the assurance that you and your family are secure and protected.

At Nycon we focus on the difference between a security alarm versus a security service. The collection of services we offer provide our clients with a complete security service with a commitment to quality. Our team works 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure our clients peace of mind.

The key to having a security service work for you is to have Nycon work for you. For maximum effectiveness we recommend the choice of back to base monitoring overseen by our trained personnel in our 24/7 Control Room. As well as this, we also offer services through which both the alarm and CCTV camera system can be viewed by yourself through an App.

Our professional representatives will visit your home, assess the current infrastructure and security weaknesses which will then be analysed and addressed in our proposal. With Nycon offering a full-service residential security service your options include alarms, back to base monitoring, intercoms, CCTV cameras, smoke alarms and panic alarms.


Whether an entry-level security solution or a customised sophisticated suite of options, Nycon uses reliable products of high-quality so that long-lasting utility and reliability is achieved. These are installed by our own technicians, (not outsourced) with Quality Assurance a part of the full-service product.

Wireless Alarms & NBN

In the case of wireless alarm systems, our preferred system is Risco, as we have found this to be a great product our clients are very happy with. Risco wireless alarm system allows for an easy install (great if you have structural or heritage issues to work around), with an integrated cloud-based system that gives you App access along with other features you would expect from current technology. Additionally, should you have an existing back to base system that is affected by NBN, Nycon has packages that will upgrade your existing alarm system to integrate wirelessly with NBN.