Nycon Merger

As of 1 July 2020, Nycon Security Group Pty Ltd has merged with Ultimate Security Australia Pty Ltd.

Questions & Answers

When will my service technician be attending?
Due to the nature of our technician’s runs, their time of arrival can only be estimated and allocated in windows (usually in the morning or afternoon). On the day of your appointment, if you would like a more precise estimated time of arrival of our technician please contact our Service Department on 02 9311 1111.
I’m going overseas for a month. Do I need to do anything?
Yes, contact our 24/7 Control Room on either 02 9311 1111 or via with the dates you will be away and who you would like us to contact in this time. This is an invaluable step before travelling, to ensure in the event of an alarm or incident, we can get in contact with the right people.
What is GPRS & how does the NBN affect my Alarm System?
GPRS is the wireless reporting method for back to base alarm monitoring. When your site moves to the NBN (National Broadband Network) a GPRS upgrade will almost always be needed. These are currently on sale and depending on your Alarm System also allow an App to be installed so you can turn your alarm off and on via your smartphone.
What happens if I forget to turn my alarm on?
Depending on the system you have installed you can either turn it on with your Nycon App or by phoning our 24/7 Control Room on 02 9311 1111 who can turn it on for your remotely. Note: Control Room remote access to arm and disarm is dependent upon the Alarm System you have installed.
I want to change the pin code(s) in my system.
Contact our 24/7 Control Room who can remotely update the codes for you. If we can’t remotely access your system we can organise a technician to attend and update these for you.
How can I pay my invoice?
Payment methods include Direct Deposit, Telephone & Internet Banking – Bpay, Credit Card ( AMEX not accepted & no surcharge is applied ) and cheque. Required billing details are listed on all invoices, if any of this information is required please call our Accounts Department on 02 9311 1111.
I don’t have enough time to disarm the alarm when I come in the back door.
Phone or email our 24/7 Control Room on either 02 9311 1111 or via and they can happily assist you in increasing the entry delay so this isn’t an issue.