Nycon Merger

As of 1 July 2020, Nycon Security Group Pty Ltd has merged with Ultimate Security Australia Pty Ltd.

Business Security Systems

Your business is your life-blood. Think of how much it would disrupt you if a major fire or theft occurred. Loss of records, stock, the uncertainty and dismay of trying to ascertain what is gone or not, along with the loss of production and all the related issues that become apparent - even with being insured. It is hard to regain that confidence once it is violated. Nycon specialises in business and commercial security - deterring, minimising or (and even) stopping the disruption and stress that such an event brings.

Whether you have a jewellery store, a warehouse, an IT business or a yard full of expensive equipment, our job and passion is to ensure you come back the next morning to the way you left it the night before. Industrial and commercial premises can be isolated at night, and security is vital. Cafes and cash businesses all encounter different issues with the same common theme: keep my business and/or asset safe; keep my employees safe.

Our speciality is minimising risk and bringing value and benefit to your business. This is achieved through a variety of electronic and physical security solutions tailored to our individual client’s needs. From CCTV monitoring to Alarm systems and Access Control, our tailored products offer more than a security product. We offer a comprehensive security service with our own representatives, technicians, control room and patrol man. You can rest easy knowing Nycon covers you from A to Z.


The Nycon professionals are involved in all aspects of your business or commercial security. Our qualified staff and technicians work as a team to deliver effective seamless solutions. We use proven commercial grade equipment to ensure the reliability and longevity of your system.

Having seen many changes in twenty-five years in the industry, we know what products will do the job and as our team works to maintain and improve our service, we only use products we personally believe in and trust. The responsibility of ensuring great long-term outcomes comes with the key philosophy of controlling all aspects of our business and service in-house.