Nycon Merger

As of 1 July 2020, Nycon Security Group Pty Ltd has merged with Ultimate Security Australia Pty Ltd.

About Nycon

Our CEO is a dyed in the wool security buff with a very strong commitment to security and safety and the benefits it brings. That intimate knowledge and experience at the helm means real and effective security solutions that we are all truly passionate about providing.

We know and have seen outcomes change very positively due to the responses and actions of our guards, and the alerts, warnings and actions triggered by our systems. Knowing you have protected life and property is very rewarding.

We do not see ourselves as simply being a supplier of services, but rather a dependable partner working behind the scenes to ensure that we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

our advantages


We are dedicated to providing high quality security services and equipment based on extensive experience and knowledge.

Comprehensive support

As a seasoned security solution provider, we offer comprehensive upfront and ongoing support.


We guarantee the confidentiality of our client data through strict control over our infrastructure, as well as our physical and personal access rights.